Meet Maya & Desmond, B-Boy Jalen’s @bboyjstyles little sister & brother. she can dougie, jerk & beatbox all in one breath! This Seattle family needs their own reality show- too talented and too cute. Shows how awesome their parents are.

#NationalHugDay – Act Like You Know! 1 more hour to go… Enjoy! 😉 “National Hug Day or National Hugging Day is an annual holiday created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney. It occurs on January 21 and is officially recognized by the United States Copyright Office but is not a public holiday. The holiday was founded on […]

@terrykennedyfs met @drake via @myspace (see above) and Drake met Lil Wayne via a contact at Myspace.. (see in the Chelsea Lately interview below) Awesome pattern here? Now… who will YOU meet off the site is the next question… 😉 Drizzy Chelsea Lately interview, he discusses meeting Weezy: View Drake’s 2009 pre-record deal interview where […]

“If it wasn’t for @myspace – @LMFAO wouldn’t be here…” says Redfoo Above is a snippet of the intro speech that Foo mentioned right after he took the stage with an introduction by CEO Chris Vanderhook. And he’s right… it feels like just yesterday Randy and I met the duo via Rene at the Winter […]

(VIDEO) @phontigallo (PHONTE) & @9thwondermusic (9thWonder) LIVE from LA 1/6/2012. I can’t believe it’s been 3.5 years since Phonte performed for us with Big Pooh in Honolulu, Hawaii and close to 7 years since Little Brother was featured on our first Myspace Hip Hop compilation in 2003… How fast time goes by always surprises me, […]