2010: @theGRAMMYS @myspace moment: @justinbieber sings @neyocompound on the red carpet again…

He came by the office a few years before that with his Mom and I must have demanded he sang 3 Neyo songs, an Usher and more. Amazed at how fast his career grew from uploading videos to his Myspace page/YouTube to walking the carpet. This year Adele’s rags to richesMyspace story is just as exciting. Imagine if her friends never posted her music on her profile? What would she be doing now?

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Another Bieber flashback:

@myspace Loves @LanaDelRey – the interview that should have ran BEFORE the Saturday Night Live appearance…

Haters are gonna hate.

The reality for an artist is that not everyone is going to love what you make. Not everybody is going to understand where you are coming from. Not everyone will give you the benefit of the doubt when doubt is rampant.

In our pre-packaged world we haven’t been exposed to the growth of an artist. We can’t let someone grow, can we? It’s not good enough that the artist is smart, insightful and mesmerizing. That artist should not miss the mark AT ALL. The artist should not have anxiety or be nervous about the massive steps that confront and carry her forward into an unknown world of fast-paced scrutiny and limitless judgement.

Lana Del Rey is a beautiful, shy and intricate human being with a meaningful and sultry voice that connects both emotionally and viscerally. Her style is impeccable and her presence resonates with both curiosity and confidence. The “Video Games” single that met with so much love pushed her into the world. She has only had a few shows to capture her personal melodies in a public presentation that matches who she is.

This is about supporting artists in their future. We should be there for their best and most challenging moments as they grow into their full potential. If you have belief in the artists you love, then believe that it’s about the journey, and not just the destinations. (ie. SNL)

Lana Del Rey is a true artist on her way to greatness and, the truth is, you have to love her a little to hate her at all.