(VIDEO) ‘Be The Bridge’ Google x mydiveo x Cal Poly Barkada x CSUF SIM Interactive Session & Panel

“Tech enables how we work and play. Hungry to consume? Time to drive.“

Cal Poly Pomona’s Barkada, Cal State Fullerton’s Student Innovation Collective, mydiveo, the Filipino Googler Network and PhilDev came together to mix things up beyond halo-halo!

Special Guest:
Dado Banatao
Phil Dev Chairman & Tallwood Venture Capital Managing Partner

Dado invented the PC chip set & graphics acceleration architecture used in every PC today & is the venture firm partner focused on semiconductor technology solutions previously featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Watch his amazing story here:


Interactive Development Session

How do you show up, connect and define your brand? Play on beyond the day! Join Executive Coach Michael Balaoing Advisor to CEOs, Fortune 100 companies & startups for an inspiring interactive development session.

Students from Cal Poly Pomona’s Barkada and Cal State Fullerton’s Student Innovation Collective + professionals from Google and mydiveo as they share the stage. Their stories will highlight how our paths intersect. Learn how culture, family and key moments influenced their ambition and journeys.

Regina Manzana-Sawhney
Google Program Manager for Corporate Engineering & Filipino Googler Network Co-Founder

Apl.de.Ap Foundation, PhilDev & Philippine International Aid board member. Regina has led efforts across commerce, sales and engineering here and abroad. She’s enabled Googlers from around the globe to partner with non-governmental organizations on talent based immersion projects.

-Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias
mydiveo Co-Founder & MyxTV Host/Producer

mydiveo is the largest network of video portfolios across the world. MyxTV is available in 15 million homes. (DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Sony Roku). Roslynn previously helped launch MySpace Music & has produced over 500 live events/editorial programs with artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bruno Mars & Drake.

-Dana Calit
Google Technical Program Manager

Dana manages large scale, complex programs involving corporate data storage systems in Site Reliability Engineering including infrastructure design, software development, hardware management & implementation of global deployments.

-Vanessa Ganaden
Cal State Fullerton student
2016-2017 SINC President and SUM Vice President

Vanessa Ganaden is very active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem within and outside her campus. She has worked for several startups, a nonprofit & an incubator.

-Megan Dela Cruz
Cal Poly Student

Megan is the 2016-2017 Barkada Academics Chair and is also a Social Justice Leader at the Asian and Pacific Island Student Center.

Cal Poly Pomona
Bronco Student Center
(B/W University Park & CPP Theatre)
Orion Suite A-C
Building 35, Suite 2315-2319