#TBT Eric Bellinger wrote #ChrisBrown hits like #FineChina #LoveMore & his own like #IDontWantHer.

Watch the FULL interview HERE. This was recorded at #SKEE247 before the name changed to @dashradio on our #ThirdFloorRadio show.

Eric Bellinger collaborated with Inigo Pascual, Sam Concepcion, Vince Nantes & Moophs  of the Philippines & @zee.avi of #Malaysia for their new song #Rise to uplift & inspire rising above the tides amidst social injustice, press freedom & the pandemic. Watch the music video below at youtube.com/tarsierrecords.

#Rise is out in Asia but will release at 12A for the rest of the world alongside powerful music video. 🎶 International collaboration for a bigger purpose. Thank you @niemanjohnson@jimsontamano for helping make this collaboration happen. ❤️🌍🌏🌎

Eric Bellinger, Inigo Pascual, Sam Concepcion and more unite on “RISE” track aimed to uplift and inspire rising above the tides amidst social injustice, press freedom, pandemic

While the world battles one of the toughest years in recent memory, independent record label from Manila, Tarsier Records, engineers a historic global collaboration between Grammy award-winning songwriter & hip-hop artist Eric Bellinger, Filipino singer-songwriter and massive popstars Inigo Pascual & Sam Concepcion, Malaysia’s pride Zee Avi, Manila-based DJ/producer Moophs and BTS’ “Black Swan” co-composer, Vince Nantes.

“RISE” is a pop-R&B, cross-cultural message of hope and a chant to rise above the tides of today, and to keep the faith at the dawn of a new world that we’ll face together.

Collaboration with a purpose

“I wanted to make a multi-artist, hope-themed track, kinda like The Black Eyed Peas’ “Where Is The Love” feat. The World in 2016 to address the uncertainty people were feeling, and to give them a multi-cultural example of people coming together to rise above adversity. No matter what or where the problem is, we’ll face it together as humans.”, producer Moophs on what sparked the fuel behind the project.

Key figure in the message behind the song is LA-based singer-songwriter, Vince Nantes, who observed that uncertainties of the times brought by the pandemic, political differences, and

various protests took a toll on humanity, and shared that he wanted to create something people could hold on to in these trying times.

“It’s a hard adjustment. From the pandemic, to protests, to political differences, to unfair treatment of one another as human beings, itʼs a lot for all of us to digest. A lot harder to find solutions everyone can agree on, even though we pray every day for them to be that simple. Even though I am just a small part of a very big world, I believe everyone needs a little bit of light during some dark times. I wanted to give people something they can enjoy, yet emotionally connect to and believe in”, Vince Nantes shares.

A universal message

“RISE” calls on a broad audience to keep on rising, no matter who or where you are.

“Doing it with artists from different parts of the world, and coming together through music and sharing one goal, sharing one message, is something that you don’t always get to do everyday, as a singer. Music is a universal language and the message of the song talks about hope, unity, and pushing forward, going through adversity and overcoming. I think that resonates with all of us across countries, across cultures. I think this is really something that could bring people together.”, said Philippine pop icon and multimedia star, Sam Concepcion on what the project means to him.

“Bitter Heart” hitmaker and Malaysian pride Zee Avi simply finds the project to be rewarding. “The song in itself is a very hopeful, uplifting song, which I think is much needed right now especially in our current climate, and where we are now as people – the whole human race. “Rise” is such a simple word, yet it’s something that we need to keep reminding ourselves of, to “rise.”.

“RISE” out now on all digital streaming platforms on September 18, the official music video will be releases on 9/19.

ABS-CBN Music International (AMI) gathers world-class female Southeast Asian artists for groundbreaking “Heal” single

Fundraising single to drop on all streaming platforms on September 11


DALY CITY, September 4, 2020 – ABS-CBN Music International (AMI), the music label introducing the exceptional artistry of Filipinos to global audiences, will release its groundbreaking single “Heal” on September 11. The Southeast Asian collaboration track features an all-female lineup of stellar artists from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

This is the first time in Southeast Asia for a collaboration of this magnitude and the women were honored to participate for the great cause.

Singapore’s Haneri shares that she felt an overwhelming sense of comfort hearing her fellow female musicians from South East Asia come together in song. “I feel very privileged and honored to be a part of this collaboration,” she adds.

Music for Good

These hand-selected 14 artists deliver a message of hope for Heal. The song was composed by ABS-CBN Music Creative Director Jonathan Manalo, Tarsier Records Founder and Producer Moophs, and Alex Godinez aka Xela. Manalo was also over-all producer for the track.

Songwriter/artist Xela says that she wrote the song to describe getting through the world’s present harsh realities. She also hopes that “this song touches your hearts and gives you moments of peace and allows you to breathe a little and feel empowered by hope.”

KZ Tandingan points out that Heal “represents unity of people and artists despite the situation we are all in. It promotes love, understanding, and healing.”

“Being able to work with other Southeast Asian artists to spread positivity through music makes this a very heartwarming project that I really wanted to participate in and represent Singapore for,” says Haven, the youngest among the artists.

The collaboration is also a #StreamToDonate project, with all artists donating their share of fees and royalties to ABS-CBN’s “Pantawid ng Pag-ibig” (Bridge of Love) fund-raising program which aims to provide relief to Filipinos who have lost their sources of livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heal is just one of ABS-CBN Music International’s endeavors, which aims to introduce the brilliance of Filipinos to global audiences and to bring in international talents and music to the Philippines.

Find inspiration and courage by listening to Heal. Pre-save the song here before it drops on various digital streaming platforms on Friday, September 11. For updates, like Star Music on Facebook (www.facebook.com/starmusicph) and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@StarMusicPH).

About the All-Female Artists of Heal

From the Philippines

Jayda is setting her mark in the Philippine music industry when she nabbed ‘Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist’ in 2019 from the Awit Awards, the biggest award giving body for music in the Asian country.

Jona started her career when she became the first grand winner singing competition Pinoy Pop Superstar. She has performed several official soundtracks to different TV shows and movies and has won awards from several award giving bodies in the Philippines.

Kyla is known as the Philippines’ “Queen of R&B.” Her work has earned numerous awards from local and international award giving bodies. She is also honored by the Philippines Society of Composers, Singers, and Publishers as one of the first pioneers of R&B music in the country.

KZ Tandingan is an award-winning soul and urban singer-songwriter-rapper who was the champion of the first season of The X Factor Philippines in 2012. She joined the Chinese Television competition Singer 2018, where she competed against some of the world’s best singers.

Lesha is an electropop artist, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Manila.
She composes, arranges, and produces all her original songs and has collaborated with multiple international music producers from the U.S., U.K., Germany, India, Nepal, and Africa.

Moira Dela Torre is one of the most popular and in-demand artists who is dominating her generation’s music scene. This singer-songwriter has over 400 million streams on Spotify alone.

Xela is a singer/songwriter, dancer, vocal producer, actress, yoga instructor, advanced open water scuba diver, and environmentalist. She has a Broadway World Award tucked under her belt.

From Indonesia

R&B singer Rinni Wulandari won Indonesian Idol 2007, the youngest participant to ever win at the time. She was only 17 years old. In 2014, she transformed from being a pop singer to performing R&B songs.

Yura Yunita is a singer-songwriter who won in Anugerah Musik Indonesia two years in a row. She was Best Pop Female Singer and Best Pop Songwriter in 2017, and Best Female Solo Singer in 2018. In Global Asia 2019, Yura is one of Indonesia’s 99
Most Inspiring Women.

From Malaysia

DOLLA is a girl group from Kuala Lumpur formed in 2019. DOLLA is made of Sabronzo, Tabby, Syasya, and Angel. The girls’ ability to sing, dance, and perform caught the eye of Universal Music Malaysia and they signed to the label in September 2019.

Shalma Eliana is a pop singer who has performed at several live events, including Sunway City’s 2019 New Year’s Celebration and KLCC’s 2020 New Year’s Countdown. She is also a beauty and lifestyle influencer, and has worked with brands like Samsung, Sunsilk, Sephora, and Nestle.

From Singapore

Haneri entered the scene in 2017 with her single “Burning Up.” The Australian/Singaporean singer-songwriter has worked with artists such as Charlie Puth, Kehlani, Josh Groban, Amber and Luna from f(x) (South Korea) and MacKenzie Bourg (American Idol), to name a few.

16-year old Haven is a multi-lingual performer, singer-songwriter, and actress from Singapore.

From Thailand

Valentina Ploy is a Thai-Italian female singer-songwriter and is the newest face of What the Duck Music label, based in Bangkok. She started her music journey at the age of seven, writing songs in her own diary and playing violin and guitar.

SHE-ROES Interview w/ Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias


Please welcome “Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias”  In the 102.5KSFM  interview below they talk about her start in the music industry, working for myspace, what it means to be a dot connector and a women making strides in the music industry. What is hard? what challenges did she face? what advice does she have for other woman trying to tap in the music industry and a whole lot more. Click HERE or the image below to view the entire interview.


Inigo Pascual Performs At Sold-Out LA Clippers Filipino Heritage Night At Legendary Staples Center

Since his first international single release of “Options” in June, Inigo has been busy traveling the world for festival performances and media promotion in cities like Tokyo, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Honolulu and Rome. He’s collaborated with international pop artists like Pretty Much & Alex Aiono of the US and New Rules from the UK, but his recent performance at the Staples Center was a historic moment for Inigo. Photos by @Sthanlee B. Mirador

“I remember driving by the Staples Center when I was little or seeing it on TV when the LA Lakers or Clippers played and imagined how great it would be to perform there one day, and it’s crazy to have that dream come true…” said Inigo.


The sold-out crowd included not just Filipino fans that Iñigo typically performs to, but over 19,000 attendees of every ethnicity filled the arena, a true testament to Inigo’s growing international popularity for being booked for the event, the same week that his new single “Catching Feelings” is trending on popular millennial music app, TikTok, and nearing 2M global plays on Spotify alone.


Iñigo performed “Catching Feelings” but ended with the nostalgic “Dahil Sa’yo” to match the Filipino Heritage Night theme to much excitement for fans of all ages that purchased tickets to the event. Written when Inigo was only 19 years old, the song topped the Billboard charts with over 100M+ YouTube plays on the music and lyric video, a staple for any Filipino party whether a company office party or wedding.

“Dahil Sa’yo” has increased in popularity in countries like the United States and Canada where some of the multicultural youth are just learning of Inigo’s music. When they are listening to him on Spotify they also discover his older music like the Philippines #1 hit. Teens and kids are growing with excitement to learn that someone their age is singing in Tagalog and while most don’t speak the language like their parents do, they are teaching each other the lyrics and dances on social media years after the song came out across, thousands of miles across the ocean.


“Music is a universal language. I’m blessed with these opportunities to show different cultures the beauty of OPM and our language. I love when young people come up to me and say that they are learning Tagalog by listening to the song out here in the states or that every time they hear it reminds them of a special family moment. To be honest, writing the song I didn’t realize how much impact it would have for generations to come, I wrote it as an appreciation to my fans but love to see the different meanings that have taken with it. No matter what audience I play for, I like to include some Filipino songs in them, just like you hear the Korean language in a Kpop song on pop radio out here, I see that happening for Tagalog in the future,” says Pascual who’s goal it is to bring the Filipino language to the Grammy’s one day.


Iñigo will release the music video to “Catching Feelings” on 11/20, that was co-choreographed with Phil Tayag, creative director and choreographer to Bruno Mars. Iñigo met Phil at the “ASAP Natin To Bay Area” concert when they performed together a medley of Bruno’s classic hits at the SAP Center in San Jose. The two said they would love to work on something together and kept in touch since.

“We combined my original dance challenge choreography to “Catching Feelings” with Phil’s. As we’ve seen with shows like America’s Best Dance Crew & World of Dance or So You Think You Can Dance, Filipinos are some of the best dancers in the world and I always like to showcase dance when I can, Phil has so much swag when he dances, it was great to work with him. We also have Matt & AC of the Philippine All Stars in the video too. It’s been amazing to see not only Filipinos, do the #CatchingFeelingsChallenge but people of different ethnicities posting their own versions across the world. Thanks to people like AC Bonifacio, Darren Espanto & Kylee Charri for being in videos with me too, helping the challenge go viral.” said Inigo.

Other participants of Filipino Heritage Night included Tarsier Records R&B singer / songwriter Kiana V., Bay Area’s top rapper/producer P-Lo, stars of the new film, “Fabulous Filipino Brothers,” actors Dante / Dion Basco and DJ E-Man, one of the most influential Filipinos working in music, helping to run 3 of the most popular radio stations, Power 106, KDAY 93.5 & Cali 93.9 FM. A post game on the Staples Center court followed the Clipper game with some of the top Filipino artists, influencers, DJs and event producers in the community for a selected group of fans.

Last year the Black Eyed Peas & Manny Pacquiao appeared at the LA Clippers Filipino Heritage Night & the event keeps growing every year. This was the first time the event had booked a performing artist still living in Manila. OC Weekly and Avante Magazine are US publications that have already predicted Inigo’s international success to match others like superstars BTS, who were recently featured on the American Music Awards, GRAMMYs & People’s Choice Awards and this event will help to increase his crossover awareness.

Following the performance, the annual Filipino influencer, artist, celebrity & DJ game took place on the court. With Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas touring in Australia, Bay Area rapper P-Lo took over as team captain to defeat Team E-Man in their best of 3 series with a final score of 56-28. The jerseys were sponsed by Zen and New Jersey Sets.

Watch the highlights soon from the event & Inigo’s performance soon on “The Crossover” on myxTV.com & Inigo’s music video for “Catching Feelings” on Star Music’s YouTube 11/20 that premiered as a trailer to the sold-out crowd at Staples Center.

Photos by @Sthanlee B. Mirador

KZ Tandingan & Inigo Pascual LIVE on BBC Radio London 94.9FM

Before her headlining performance at the London Barrio Fiesta, KZ Tandingan stopped by BBC Radio London to speak with hosts Salmael and Lionheart about almost stopping performing after she developed a polyp on her throat, winning X-Factor Philippines, and much more.

For more follow:

International star, Inigo Pascual guested on #TheScene with @salmaelwardany @lionheartfelt to talk about his #LondonBarrioFiesta co-headlining performance, his new music, growing up in California and the Philippines and much more. He performs his new single “Options,” available on all streaming platforms now.

For more follow: @inigopascual


MOIRA | The Crossover | LA Recording Session & Dash Radio Promo

@moirarachelle has one of the most beautiful voices you’ll ever hear, no wonder why she is one of @spotify PH #1 streaming artist & a judge on @idolphilippines. Behind that voice is an inspirational voice for our generation dealing with crab theory mentality from peers, confidence challenges & more. Watch #Moira on #TheCrossover on @myxTV as she visited the US to record songs with @harv @felishafury alongside radio promo on @traktivist at @dashradio.

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INIGO “Options” New Single Out On Tarsier Records



Inigo “Options” Lyrics

I can’t deny it
There’s something about how you get jealous
But it’s irrelevant ‘cause you don’t have to be

You try to hide it
Look through my phone ‘cause you can’t help it
What can I tell you?
Want you to believe in me

Why you got, why you got
Gotta creep
Why you checkin’ up, checkin’ up, on me
Tell me, baby girl
What you lookin’ for?

Do you believe in us, believe in us
Tell me
How you switchin’ up, switchin’ up on me
I need my word to be enough

I had options
‘Til the day my eyes told me all I wanted was you, you
I had options, baby
But when I kiss your lips you made it so easy to choose you

There’s only one heart I can give
One million of them
But one way that I feel when I’m with you

Oh baby
You don’t want nobody to have me and I respect it
I know how it feels just when it comes to you I’m selfish
You don’t have to work so hard for something that’s already yours
But it’s your favorite chore

Why you got, why you got
Gotta creep
Why you checkin’ up, checkin’ up, on me
Tell me, baby girl
What you lookin’ for?

Do you believe in us, believe in us
Tell me
How you switchin’ up, switchin’ up on me
I need my word to be enough

I had options
‘Til the day my eyes told me all I wanted was you, you
I had options, baby
But when I kiss your lips you made it so easy to choose you

There’s only one heart I can give
One million of them
But one way that I feel when I’m with you

Never gonna waste, never gonna waste my time
I ain’t never gonna change, never gonna change my mind
When I’m with you, you’re the one that I notice
Them other girls are blurred lines, out of focus

I had options
‘Til the day my eyes told me all I wanted was you, you
I had options, baby
But when I kiss your lips you made it so easy to choose you

There’s only one heart I can give
One million of them
But one way that I feel when I’m with you

There’s only one heart I can give
One million of them
But one way that I feel when I’m with you

INIGO – LIVE from Times Square NYC at Viacom: