Pinayista 2020 Lighting Talks – Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias

“What would you be doing right now if you weren’t worried about what people thought. If you had the financial freedom of time. That’s where your passion and your purpose is. Find that.” – Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias

ISTERHOOD IN THE HUSTLE :: Pinayista is a nonprofit community of pinays in the hustle. Our mission is to curate spaces where self-identified Pinays can come together to share their stories, cultivate and nurture trusting relationships, collaborate, and build sisterhood in the hustle. Rooted in Pinayism, we support Pinays as agents of change in their own lives, where they can pursue their passions, find their power, and connect with community. The community is open to all self-identified pinays, including trans and gender nonconforming pinxys.

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Filipino DJs spin to support Philippine typhoon victims on Twitch & Tiltify

Filipino DJs from North America and other parts of the world have come together to use their musical talents to raise relief funds for those hit hard by recent calamities in the homeland. Rommel Conclara brings us this report.

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ABS-CBN launches new initiatives to highlight Filipino talents and young leaders

ABS-CBN is branching out to the new generations of Filipino Americans and Canadians through two initiatives aiming to put a spotlight on artists, influencers, and leaders from throughout the diaspora. Rommel Conclara tells us more about myx and Kollective Hustle in this story.

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