I just joined Yelp, and I think I’m addicted…

Looking for a Filipino restaurant this weekend while visiting NYC for our Myspace B.o.B show I stumbled upon YELP. I know you are wondering what rock I was stuck under but I’m seriously experiencing life in a new way. Why didn’t I discover this 10 years ago when I first started traveling for work? You know we love to eat than eat than eat. (I could see those of you that are health nuts cringing your eyebrows right now. Sorry but when you are on the road alot and not a big fan of night clubs, what’s more fun than a good meal and a great laugh?

What we grubbed on in the NYC:

Grill 21 (Filipino Food) 4 Stars
First time using Yelp to search for restaurants.I’ve only had Kuma Inn as far as Filipino food in Manhattan so was excited to try more. Maharlika is what came up first but when I called they said they would be packed for brunch so opted to Grill 21 and was happy I did because they served breakfast!

They unfortunately didn’t have Topsilog like I wanted (family before me got the last of it) so I ordered Longsilog. Wasn’t an exaggeration when someone said this was the best garlic rice they had- I loved it! Also the longanisa had a thinner, less veiny feel to it than the kind my mom made so you didn’t feel too guilty after eating it. Because I ordered over easy eggs I was able to blend the meat, egg and rice. (waiter asked if I needed a spoon 😉

Filipinos love to eat with a fork and spoon! lol. I also ordered adobo bc of the high reviews it got here but I like my adobo with more chicken skin. They remove all of it but do give you enough sauce to pour on your rice. I want to come back again and get the Topsilog but also try new dishes – was great to see people of other ethnicities try Filipino food just as they are accustomed to Chinese, Thai, etc. But after leaving couldn’t help but think that my Mom should open a restaurant – her cooking goes unmatched and I’m sure all say that about their parents or grandparents cooking. 😉

LMK what you thought! Curious to hear what you tried…

ps service is great, very personable.


Mama’s Food Shop 2 Stars


Loved the home feeling time of atmosphere but the food was okay.

Roasted chicken: good but a little salty

Mashed potatoes: best item we ordered. Not usually a fan of mashed potatoes but loved the taste of these, especially the gravy.

Corn: 2nd best item on the menu. Love corn that is cut off from an actual cob.

Mac and Cheese: pretty bland

Collard greens: bland as well

Friends said the fried chicken wasn’t as salty as the roasted but was a little disappointing compared to Roscoe’s in LA and Gladys Knights in Atlanta. If you are ever there, you need to try it.

LMK your thoughts on Mama’s- might have to give it a second try.


Cafeteria 4 Stars
Love the Mac Attack! Didn’t care too much about the blue cheese one with the smell as well but the others were great. Braised short rib tacos were awesome. Wish I had time for the waffle/ice cream sundae. Next time! 😉 I love waffles and ice cream!


Joe’s Shanghai 3 Stars

First time trying pork soup dumpling thanks to a New Yorker friend and I’m suddenly craving it. Wish the shrimp dumplings were just as tasty but they weren’t. Pan Fried noodles were great – the thicker noodles added taste. Might have to try other stuff on the menu because wasn’t too impressed.


Earl of Sandwich 4 Stars

My favorite sandwich shop yet. Late night Vegas nights or afternoon lunches in NYC on the run- cant wait til they open in Anaheim! #TheAmerican hands down my fave but have to eat warm, don’t let it sit too long. Saved me when our flight got delayed and no restaurant in the terminal was open.

This reminds me of using Nintendo Power to unlock the secret oodes and pathways for Zelda.

Follow me on there and I may annoy you but I’m interested in where you are eating in your neck of the woods… My favorites are hole in the walls that have chefs that can cook like the best chef I know – my mom. =)

Nerd alert…
I want to catch up to some of you so I could add the word “foodie” to my resume with “kicks ass in the original Streetfighter,” “recite verses from A Tribe Called Quest” and “quote lines from Saved by the Bell.” Yes, those are just few of my amazing talents. I AM that talented. 😉

I just joined Yelp, and I think I’m addicted…