“If it wasn’t for @myspace – @LMFAO wouldn’t be here…” says Redfoo

Above is a snippet of the intro speech that Foo mentioned right after he took the stage with an introduction by CEO Chris Vanderhook.

And he’s right…
it feels like just yesterday Randy and I met the duo via Rene at the Winter Music Conference “in Miami B*tch!” at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Sherbourne Hotel pool party. It seemed like everyone was speaking about them soon after, Nancy of Ice Cube’s Cubevizion called to mention that Barry Gordy’s son and nephew had just started a new group that I had to keep an eye out for. We gravitated to their fun spirit and featured their music long before they deemed their music “party rock” or before they had a record deal.

Was this the same Redfoo that was rapping on the first Black Eyed Peas “Behind the Front” album? I wasn’t quite sure so we had to bring them in the office, of course Earl Johnson helped film the guys stopping by as they caused ruckus, see the video below:

LMFAO Invades MySpace Music Trick!

Myspace Hip Hop | Myspace Music Videos

and yes it was the same Redfoo that was featured on off the Peas debut, Redfoo was an old junior highschool friend of Will.I.Am.

Fast forward to 2011 and the guys have been partyrocking all over the world including Dick Clark’s NYE, the American Music Awards with Justin Bieber and David Hasselhof, and our very own CES Afterparty after the major announcement with Panasonic earlier that day via our CEO’s and Justin Timberlake.

Now the guys have over 100 million Myspace plays…
“Sexy and I Know It” is the #1 song on the Billboard Charts
and we can really say we’ve been there since the beginning – naming their debut album one of the best albums of 2010 and making them our “2011 Artists of the Year…”

Proud of these guys of how far they have come so far, and hope they keep apologizing for “partyrocking” on the sophomore album.

Special thanks to manager Ian Fletcher, Mike Senedgar, DJ Lucky Lou, Andrew Furr, Panasonic, Radi8 and the awesome Lavo staff for helping making this fun event happen…
Skyblu – hope you feel better soon!

For more visit:


More pictures to come soon, here are a few I snuck with my Iphone before the battery died… again!

Sophia Tran (Specific Media/Myspace) and Redfoo

George Robertson and DJ Lucky Lou

Tim and Chris Vanderhook and Foo

For the full story on our new Myspace TV service with Panasonic, read here.

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