(VIDEO) @phontigallo (PHONTE) & @9thwondermusic (9thWonder) LIVE from LA 1/6/2012.

I can’t believe it’s been 3.5 years since Phonte performed for us with Big Pooh in Honolulu, Hawaii and close to 7 years since Little Brother was featured on our first Myspace Hip Hop compilation in 2003… How fast time goes by always surprises me, but the fact Phonte & 9th Wonder are able to sell out the Key Club after all this time in 2012 is a testament to a great diverse catalogue that those topping the BIllboard charts would trade in their 1 or 2 hit singles for longevity & timeless music.

Above is a snippet of one of my favorite songs that Phonte performed alongside others from the LB collection “The Listening,” “Minstrel Show,” “Getback,” “Leftback” mixed with a few from his new solo album “Charity Starts At Home” and Foreign Exchange catalogue with producer Nicolay.

But what’s the most entertaining part of a Phontigallo show? Is Phonte himself. A natural comedian that can poke fun at his current life as a rapping father and conversations with God of how he should appreciate that his job as “geting paid to write songs and perform them.” We can all relate to the internal challenges in working careers of passion, and overall we can relate to Phonte because he has the courage to say what we’re all thinking… An artist that grows with his audience.

Hope you are able to catch him on tour, for a full list of dates- visit here. Make sure not to miss Rapsody who opens the show with her commanding stage presence after Median.


Myspace 2003 1st Hip Hop Soul Compilation

Little Brother LIVE from Hawaii in 2008:


The Foreign Exchange LIVE from North Carolina in 2009:

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