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Music Retox’s Deezy Jonez and Just Josh Music Group touched down in Cali a few weeks back. If you’ve followed CEO Eldon Peterson, Deezy Jonez, Just Josh Music Group or the #musicretox hashtag on their social media accounts, you too followed the journey these talented musicians embarked on.

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Adrian and Frankie of Superb Photography captured an insight into the team’s productive press week; From the offices of Myspace, Russel Simmons’ All Def Digital, Hip Hop DX, DASH Radio, Homegrown Radio and even LA based clothing brand, Popular Demand before their photoshoot at YouTubeSpaceLA, the team was determined to touch down at every relevant stop that an artist should make before recording their LIVE EP entitled “Midnight Lusso.”

For more visit: www.musicretoxent.com and watch the video below, (make sure to adjust your settings to watch in 1080 HD. 😉

RIXTON FREE Myspace Secret Show In Los Angeles 10.7.2014

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RIXTON and Myspace invite you to a special night celebrating their new album, LET THE ROAD, available for preorder September 30th, set to release on January 6th.

You and a select few will be treated to an exclusive performance by RIXTON at an undisclosed location in Hollywood on Monday, October 6th. Be prepared, details will follow.

RSVP HERE to get on the list. To RSVP you must be a registered Myspace user.
Note that this event is (16+ TBD) and all attendees must bring ID to confirm your age and name.
Arrive early as guests will be treated on a first come/first served basis.

Their hit single “Me And My Broken Heart” has already received over 26 Million Plays on Vevo.

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(VIDEO) Nick Jonas “Jealous” & “Chains” Acousitc Performances LIVE | What’s Trending EXCLUSIVE

Love the slow downed tempo, acoustic performance of this song, it highlights Nick’s vocals alongside his complementary back up singers. Nick Jonas’ new single “Jealous” is already burning up the Billboad Twitter real time charts, and the What’s Trending Private Concert was the perfect venue for Nick to give his fans an intimate live performance! Click HERE to check out his #AskNickJonas interviews with lucky winning fans from Dash Radio & Myspace.

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Special thanks to Nick Jonas and team for a great event and performance!


(PHOTOS) WIZ KHALIFA Myspace Secret Show At The Roxy, Opening DJ E-Man Of Power 106

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Wiz Khalifa (aka Busiest Man In The World Right Now & Sebastian Taylor’s Father)

Myspace Secret Show celebrating the release of Wiz’s new album out on Rostrum/Atlantic Records – “Blacc Hollywood.” First 800 fans that lined up after receiving an email confirmation that they were one of the select chosen were treated to the most intimate concert Wiz Khalifa has played in years. DJ E-Man of Power 106 was onsite to warm up the crowd. Atlantic Records flew in radio winners across country who were escorted with Brannon Scales, VP of Radio Promotion.

August 20, 2014

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How I Started My Career in College Radio And What I Love About The Free New Dash Radio APP, Founded By DJ Skee, Investors East Village Radio Founder, Adrian Peterson & L.A. Reid


When I was younger my dream was to be a radio host. At Shelyn Elementary School I would record Hollywood Hamilton’s nightly countdown on KIISFM (what was at the time the only hip hop station that I had access to) and play the songs I liked at lunch for my classmates. I loved the feeling I got when someone would come up to me and say “I love that song!” or “What’s the name of that song? I like it!” I made it a lifelong goal to be in the position that could influence positive emotion out of the people around me thru music.

As I got older I loved going to family parties and watching my cousin Kelly DJ, he had the ultimate system with tape deck, CD player and mixer all in one big portable case, matched with strobe light, in an instant he could turn a backyard into a big party celebration with red cups, smiles and hands in the air. I started to write down the songs he would play and later save my money to buy as many CDs and cassettes I could buy at the swap meet. On Tuesdays, Tower Records had a 2 for 1 sale that I would try to get there as early for on New Music Tuesdays just to be there to grab what was new before anyone else did.


What really inspired me was discovering the Wake Up Show. Anticipating the weekly interviews, song premieres and freestyles. I loved Sway and Tek’s banter and professionalism when it came to interviews and as a girl, of course I wanted to be producer Carmelita. Religiously I wrote down the songs I loved, which became the soundtrack to my highschool days ranging from Gangstarr to Black Star to MC Supernatural Freestyle recordings.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.49.28 AM

As soon as we got our drivers licenses, the Walnut girls would jump in my Nissan Pathfinder and drive to LA to catch performances by EPMD, Jurassic 5, Medusa, Hieroglyphics, and The Pharcyde at clubs like Unity, Lotus and anything that had Polo Molina’s Grassroots Productions on it. As a tomboy back then, I would love the feeling of standing in a cypher with the boys dancing to the same songs we heard on the Wake Up Show or mixtapes we found at Fat Beats. At that time I started to wonder why radio didn’t play those same songs outside of the Wake Up show timeslot and that certain songs played over and over throughout the day. I later learned of the process of how songs made the airwaves on commercial radio stations and the business behind how songs got played.

At that point I started to research and find similar non restricted radio shows including Friday Night Flavaz, Chocolate City by Garth Trinidad, We Came From Beyond w/Mike Nardone, DJ Cheapshot’s show at UCI, and Divine Forces Radio alongside finding recordings of recorded radio programs like Westside Radio by Julio G. of KDAY 1580AM. While in the second semester of studying Political Science at UCI, I decided that wasn’t my passion, I felt like I was just memorizing books and every chance I got I put them down to listen to music and the radio programs. Instead, in my careeer future, I wanted to create similar radio programming to what these shows were, from a new generation and a female perspective. I created a site called SaveLAradio.com (now non existent) listing the various programs hoping to bring together our musical community immediately after I started my own show, which was a site dedicated to raise awareness and and promote the radio shows of similar message.


Knowing how the commercial stations were difficult to get into as a young college student, I approached the nearest station to my house which was KSAK at Mt. Sac Community College in Walnut. When visiting the station to see if I could host a show, I found out in order to have a radio show you had to be enrolled in radio broadcasting, so I enrolled in a few classes and fell in love. While I was great at memorizing books and potentially wanted to become a lawyer with my Poli Sci degree, I re-discovered my true passion of music promotion that I had since elementary school. I was now excited to go to school each day, I was learning to host, produce and write for radio and it felt great having something I produced to walk away with or an interview that I had to spend hours researching for. I didn’t mind spending hours at the bookstore covered in magazines. I was fortunate thanks to Gorden Kim to get a job at one of the first online radio stations, Onair.com as a programmer and as little as the amount was looking back then, was ecstatic to learned that you could get a job doing what you love.

de la

Third Floor Radio was created with inspiration from De La Soul’s “Three Feet High and Rising” album and song “Three Is The Magic Number” with the 3 standing for past, present and future. I wanted to create a show that not only played the classics we all loved from Nas to A Tribe Called Quest but also showcase new artists at the time that had great new quality music including Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples and Slum Village. DJ Vice, while still on Power 106, also promoted an underground hip hop weekly club called “The Dugout,” we partnered together on the event that was co-hosted by Third Floor Radio. Thanks to his expertise I started to learn how to produce events, even sometimes as a one woman team. I was happy to be able to showcase the performing talent of those artists that were featured on the radio show that might not have had a performance platform otherwise. I wanted the younger generation to feel the excitement we had when walking into a club like Unity back in the day, all for free or limited cover charge. On a great night we were happy to walk away with a mere $100 for a 4 hour event.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.02.57 AM

When I started working at Myspace in 2004, Myspace became my radio show but on a global platform. I started my first profile in 2003 because I wanted to promote the radio show and felt restricted by the only other social network at the time, Friendster. Coincidentally I met Myspace founders Chris and Tom around the same time of when I started my profile and learned of them wanting to expand the social network for artists and creatives. Finally we had a place where we could promote our 5-9s if we still had a 9-5 and reach a new global audience promoting whatever you wanted, in our case it was our little radio show. A lot of the first artists I got to use the site including but not limited to Mos Def, Dwele, the Black Eyed Peas and Slum Village were all the same artists that were featured on Third Floor Radio. I remember turning in the music for the first Myspace Hip Hop compilation and people asked why weren’t the “stars” on it, meaning the recognizable names that had been selling millions of records that was thought to be more benefit to promoting the new site, but the reason they were all emerging or independent artists on the free compilations is that I believed those were the artists that needed the platform, who would use it and become successful, the indie artist is who would be at the core of our user base, with the tools provided they would graduate to the next stage of their career with our help, the third floor network way. The same reason why we played new or classic artists on the radio show, those that needed the promotional platform the most.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.12.25 AM

With the new platform online and digitally I was able to showcase those that I thought were great on a global platform similar to how a programmer programs their radio show or station. Because of my great coworkers like Isac Walter or Trevor Kelley I was exposed to genres outside of hip hop and enjoyed what we worked on there for close to a decade of my career, working with artists like Drake, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Miguel early on via editorial programs or live events. I would discover artists like Phoenix or La Roux from the stereos blasting next door or viewing the next Secret Show poster shipment. Earl Johnson was there to help let me know what I should be listening to urban wise if I hadn’t already, bringing in new artists such as J.Cole in for meetings. I believed that our jobs were one big radio show on a large scale, we had millions of listeners “tune in” to what we were featuring or what free live events were coming to their city and I loved it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.15.20 AM

Fast forward to 2013, I returned to producing and hosting Third Floor Radio last year on DJ Skee’s SKEE247 app after hearing of their Hollywood station via SKEE partners Ryan Tomlinson and DJ Skee when they came by to check out the new site. Skee and I worked together in the early days of Myspace on the “Official Myspace DJ” program reaching out to top tier DJs like DJ Khaled, Drama, Knuckles and Felli Fell to join the platform early on for mutual benefit. I would create the profiles for the DJs, give them their URL, have them verified and feature them regionally, in return the DJs would shout out their Myspace URLS on air or at events. The website and most importantly, the DJ’s followers grew exponentially, especially in the Hip Hop community. It was important to me that as soon as we launched the new platform, Skee would be the first ones to see it. At the same time, they discussed the new technology his team built that allowed their radio shows to not only be available online but mobile via both IPhone and Android devices, something at the time even the new Myspace didn’t have. I was intrigued on how easy the professional broadcasts were created from the station for distribution. I focused my energy again on hosting and producing the radio show and for the second time my passion called out to me. Working in radio has always been a dream and to have it come true all these years later in some way has an emotion that “The Alchemist” by Paulo Cauelo draws out of us.


Today marks the launch day of Dash Radio, while still in it’s early stages, the future is bright. If you are 25+, you’ll be reminded of the kind of radio that we loved, programmed by the tastemaker elite without restrictions of a playlist or explicity of the musical content alongside meaningful talk radio shows and unique specials on the various genres of stations. If you are under the age of 25, it’s discovering music on the go the way you do via your favorite blogs, digital platforms like soundcloud or twitter and not anything like the current radio redundancy you may be used to tuning out. I’m excited and happy to say “Third Floor Radio” will be one of the radio shows exclusively offered on the new Dash Radio, remaining on the pioneer SKEE247 station, our line up of guests will be what they have always been including the best from the past, present and future of hip hop and R&B.


Here are ten things you’ll love about the new Dash Radio:

1. It’s free. Not everyone has expendable money for music subscriptions or satellite subscriptions. There’s no charge here, download the app for FREE from your ITunes or Android stores.

2. No commercials.

3. Real DJs and Real Shows. Julio G., Caroline D’Amore, Karli Henriquez, East Village Radio, XXL, TechN9ne alongside DJ Skee are some of the early partner programmers alongside the current staff who “knows their shit” for lack of better words such as DC and DJ Base.

4. Real stations of every genre.

5. Mobile AND Desktop.

6. Quick changing from station to station with one click like the programmed station dashboard of your car.

7. Discover music again. Not the same rotation of music throughout the day.

8. Genre of every station for your different moods.

9. Share the song you are listening to and enjoying with one simple click.

10. Buy your favorite songs that you hear with one simple click to ITunes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.33.20 AM

Give it a try, download it HERE. and let @dash_radio know what you think so they can improve based on user needs.

Click HERE for more detailed info on Dash Radio and read about it in Billboard Mag.

LA Weekly: “Is Myspace destined to Fail (Again)?”

I know this LA Weekly story wasn’t an easy one for writer Ben Westhoff to write, being that he is a fan of the new Myspace and friend to not only current employees but several writers who have been hired to produce articles for the site, but an interesting read nonetheless. I was quoted for how difficult it was during the early stages to get artist managers, labels, etc. to understand what Myspace was and this was true, this was pre Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube back in 2004. The musicians’ “handlers” questioned whether or not their artists would use a social site because it would bring the fans closer to them in a way it hadn’t before. They feared losing the nostalgia of being an “artist.”

Rather than take “no” for an answer at first request, we talked directly to the artists themselves and in contrary, they loved the site, we loved working with them on creative new fan programs, offline sponsored events, original video series, editorial features, etc. and together, revolutionized the music industry. As Ben mentioned artists like Drake, Diddy and Taylor Swift all used and loved the site. Alongside hundreds more like Nicki Minaj, Colbie Calliat, Katy Perry, J.Cole, Pitbull, Miguel, etc. who started their successful careers with the platform built by the founders. Unsigned artists were getting signed just by their high song play numbers or visibility on the Myspace charts. See a few videos of the artists themselves speaking on using the site below.

Even though I’m no longer with the company, as I meet with several artists, managers, labels, DJs, etc. they mention to me that there is still a missing void to the tools and community that a site like Myspace once provided that helped to amplify discovery, collaboration and monetization. It’s up to the regime still there to decide it’s future from here but I’m hoping they align, learn from past mistakes outlined in the article and make easy fixes on to an already great product. To be focused on music journalism could be one angle being they still receive 5M+ unique visitors (high in comparison to the most popular music blogs/sites currently out there right now), but there is still a need for the millions of other artists who just need a platform to showcase their creativity and music. There are other sites that exist today which are great which include Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc. which are all fragmented and only pieces of what tools an artist needs in the current DIY marketplace.

In any case, while speaking to other alumni and agreeing, I hope someone is documenting and creating an “Oral History” of Myspace or better yet a movie out of the ongoing story, if you thought “The Social Network” was interesting, wait until you hear this one.. 😉

Read the full LA Weekly story “Is Myspace Destined to Fail Again HERE.”

Katy Perry speaks on Myspace:

Katy Perry talks to our Spanish friends for Sesiones MySpace! from undefined on Myspace.

Drake on Chelsea Lately: 4:31

speaking on meeting Lil Wayne on Myspace:

Nicki Minaj on E!:

discussing booking shows off of Myspace in her early days:

Nicki Minaj discusses how Myspace helped launch her career from Myspace Shows on Myspace.

Life before & after Myspace. What is the Third Floor Network?

At speaking engagements, events & concerts students & friends ask me these 3 questions the most:

1. What did you do before you worked at Myspace?

2. How was it like working there for close to 10 years through it’s various stages?

3. What are you doing now that you’re not there. What is the Third Floor Network?

Thanks to Lift Off Pictures for the below interview, I can have them watch the below for the answers so we can skip the questions and get right to laughing, dancing or playing a game of connect the dots together. Nothing makes me happier than introducing two amazing people that come together and make more amazingess that amplify awareness, collaborations and even some cases monetization for both parties. Hopefully just a drop in the bucket of what’s to come… #thirdfloornetwork

Heart what these guys are doing. Check out the others @sociallightTV #threesup #thirdfloornetwork IG REPOST @socialighttv “This cheerful young woman is @roslynnc most well known as the former Senior Director of Artist Relations at MySpace. She helped grow myspace from the beginning with 200 users to over 200million. She’s created strategic partnerships with the likes of the Grammy’s and XM radio to name a couple. We first met Roslynn when she hired us to help her produce the @MySpace music events in NYC. Together we produced shows for T-Pain, Clipse, @therealfakeadamtensta, @jasminesolano, @chromeo and @questlove. We look forward to seeing her next career step. We’re sure it’s going to be huge, like everything else she’s done! Portrait no.58 #portrait #music #myspace #sxsw #LA #socialighttv” via @PhotoRepost_app (at Socialight TV – NY, NY)

Watch the #Aspen @xgames @aspenxgames Chairlift interview w/ @shaunneff @neffheadwear CEO/Founder w/ @listentoliz of @myspace – he discusses his humble beginnings, current sponsored Olympic team, flying #neff collaborators like #macmiller #wizkhalifa & teams to his house x #neffland & eating PJ sandwiches in PJs on a PJ & more. ✈️ hope you got your exclusive #myspace x @neffheadwear beanies out in #Colorado this wknd. 😊👌#thirdfloornetwork (at myspace.com/shaunneff)