Life before & after Myspace. What is the Third Floor Network?

At speaking engagements, events & concerts students & friends ask me these 3 questions the most:

1. What did you do before you worked at Myspace?

2. How was it like working there for close to 10 years through it’s various stages?

3. What are you doing now that you’re not there. What is the Third Floor Network?

Thanks to Lift Off Pictures for the below interview, I can have them watch the below for the answers so we can skip the questions and get right to laughing, dancing or playing a game of connect the dots together. Nothing makes me happier than introducing two amazing people that come together and make more amazingess that amplify awareness, collaborations and even some cases monetization for both parties. Hopefully just a drop in the bucket of what’s to come… #thirdfloornetwork

Heart what these guys are doing. Check out the others @sociallightTV #threesup #thirdfloornetwork IG REPOST @socialighttv “This cheerful young woman is @roslynnc most well known as the former Senior Director of Artist Relations at MySpace. She helped grow myspace from the beginning with 200 users to over 200million. She’s created strategic partnerships with the likes […]

Watch the #Aspen @xgames @aspenxgames Chairlift interview w/ @shaunneff @neffheadwear CEO/Founder w/ @listentoliz of @myspace – he discusses his humble beginnings, current sponsored Olympic team, flying #neff collaborators like #macmiller #wizkhalifa & teams to his house x #neffland & eating PJ sandwiches in PJs on a PJ & more. ✈️ hope you got your exclusive […]

#WCW x2 week 2. #AmandaCarter @thatsmandi x #RebeccaHaithcoat @bossbex Mandi kept all of us @myspace organized at events, artist visits while running her own artist / producer management company w/ her Masters in Music Business. Becca wrote most of your favorite #LAWeekly & #myspace interviews & stories including the first cover for @kendricklamar & #TDE […]

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