The BIGGEST Filipino Heritage Night yet w/LA Clippers, Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather & (BEP)

National Anthem: Jasmine Villegas
1st Quarter T-Shirt Toss: Manny Pacquiao ft. Floyd Mayweather moment,, Liane V. & Miles Brown (ABC’s Blackish/Dancing With The Stars) Foundation Honor: President Ted Benito & Head of Marketing Dan Vo
Halftime Performance: Taboo of Black Eyed Peas intro, ft. Jessica Reynoso, Liane V., Jules Aurora, Jasmine V. & DJ Icy Ice
Karaoke with Jules Aurora
Dance Cam with P-Lo
2nd T-Shirt Toss with DJ Eman, P-Lo, Icy Ice & Jules Aurora

Post Game with Team APL vs Team EMAN
Hosted by Knowa Lazarus
Special Guests: Jasmine V., Liane V., Katrina Jo, Jessica Reynoso
Music by DJ Rose


Also attached photo players names
WHITE: TEAM APL * Team Apl won 59 to 54

Bottom Row Left to Right

Jessica Reynoso, Anthony Presents, Jasmine V., Liane V.,, P-Lo, JayArr Ines, Dion Basco

2nd Row Left to Right
Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias, JJ Anderson, Polo Molina, Kevin Gray, Dj Man

3rd Ros left to Right

Know Lazarus, Slay Boogie, Allen Palos, Joseph Jose, Chris Cruz, DJ Icy Ice, Brian Puspos, DJ E-Rock, Andy Tauscan, Muron Marten, Josh Manansala, Gee Crooks, Jules Aurora

4th Row Blue

Alex Wassabi, Jean Paul Hoang, Don Benjamin, Christian Davies, Matt Cabral

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