How To Create A Powerful Video Profile Showcasing Your X Factor (Tedx Talk)

mydiveo Co-Founder Roslynn Cobarrubias Tedx Talk: How To Create A Powerful Video Profile Showcasing Your X Factor”

Location: TedxMt. Sac | Sunday June 4, 2017

Creating a powerful video profile, also known as a video resume, that captures and showcases your X factor, can be used to expedite the process of discovery, collaboration, networking, working and hiring when shared with potential employers, colleagues & clients.
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Aside from being the name of a popular music talent TV show, an X factor is something that every individual, including you and I, and EVERY brand or business has. As a professional individual, it’s your unique talents or skills that set you apart from the rest, why companies would potentially want to hire you and why people would potentially want to work with you. As a brand or a business it’s your USP or Unique Selling Proposition, what differentiates your business from other competitive businesses, especially within your industry. It’s not just how and what your product or service is, but it’s the WHY people should buy or use it. Knowing your X factor, and being able to create a visual for it, will speed up the process of people getting to know your business, your brand and most importantly, you.

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As you know reading this online, the world we currently live in is a digital society. We get our news from Facebook, we get our restaurant recommendations from an Instagram photo and we communicate through disappearing messages on Snapchat, meaning that we want our information fast, where we don’t have to search far to get it. So the days of reading over several pages of a paper resume, long customer reviews or even visiting a website with too much to read on, is antiquated. We want our information, and we want it fast, and there’s nothing that delivers a message faster than a video. It’s the reason why advertisers spend millions of dollars on commercials every year, up to five million dollars for a thirty second commercial during the Superbowl! It’s why record labels, artists and musicians spend thousands of dollars on their music videos, they understand the power of video as well and it’s time for the everyday person, new or small businesses/brands to reap the benefits and power of a video profile as well.

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They say that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words, that means there’s a lot that can be said through visualization without actually having to say much. For example if you’re a musician, an artist or a talent, your video profile will contain footage of your talent, obviously. You can’t just write a list of words to describe how great of a talent you are on your resume or your LinkedIn, like how great of a guitarist or dancer you are to potential talent bookers, event producers, fans or collaborators. Your talent needs to actually be seen for other people to discover it. It might sound like common sense to have this but you’ll be surprised at how many talents out there are struggling to get booked or hired because they don’t have a clear video displaying their talent.

As a talent, your video profile will contain footage of your talent, whether it be acting, singing, dancing, DJing, playing guitar, etc. And for those that are concerned that producing a video of your talent costs thousands of dollars, the truth is, when it comes to talent, all that truly matters is the raw talent, your true talent will speak for itself. Also in this day and age as you know, every phone comes with a camera phone, most shooting in HD and some even shooting in 4K. So I guarantee, even if you don’t have a fancy camera to help you film, there’s a friend, a family member, or fellow student or aspiring filmmaker that will let you borrow their phone to film or help you shoot yours.

The video profile can also include footage of your past performances, where you’ve interacted with the crowd and kept people entertained, which will help event planners and talent bookers visually discover your talent and confirm why they should book you for their future events or media programs, especially if introduced by a referral. The best way to also showcase your new music for your fans, friends or family is through video whether it be a performance or a simple lyric video on your social media. *Don’t use social media just to post pictures of your food because you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities!

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As a working individual looking to get potentially hired or entice someone to work with you, your video profile will contain your unique skills or talents that set you apart from the rest. It can include you detailing your list of past experience, degrees and best achievements, but it can also contain actual footage of you in your element that can be powerful. For example, let’s say you’re a personal trainer, it can show footage of you doing what you do best, motivating others to do their best either in a gym or outside of the gym, or if you’re a teacher, it can show footage of you in the classroom, inspiring the students around you. Your video profile could/should also include client testimonials and recommendations. So if you’re a personal trainer, your video will include testimonials from your clients, how you motivated them to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a teacher, It can include testimonials from your students of how you inspired them, of the unique way your teaching helped get them through high school, college, etc. The video profile can also include recommendations from other teachers that worked with you, and why they would recommend you to work with. Or if you’re just starting your career as a college student, it can include footage of you at your internship or on campus helping produce an event.

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If you are a brand or a business, as I mentioned earlier, your video profile should contain your USP, or your unique selling proposition. It will not only show how people should use your product or service, but it’s the WHY people should work with your business or buy your brand. The video will explain what problem does your product or service solve for your target customer. Again, it can include client testimonials from people that have purchased your brand or that have utilized your business. For example if you are a realtor and own your own real estate agency, it can include not only footage of the beautiful homes that you’ve helped clients buy or sell, it can also include testimonials of the people that have worked with you, when purchasing or selling your home. It can include testimonials of WHY people have chosen your particular brand or service above anybody else in your industry.

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There are different forms of marketing whether it be digital or print but it’s been proven that the power of word of mouth marketing is the strongest and most effective. Think of how many times that you’ve used a service, like a doctor or an insurance agent, or even visited a restaurant, by a recommendation from a family member, friend or colleague? Or how many times you’ve purchase a product because you saw a commercial where you quickly saw the benefit or why you should use it and you related to the target customer depicted in the video?

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In today’s day and age, people know that there’s real buying power in human peer to peer marketing, that’s why there is more focus on influencer marketing versus traditional marketing these days. Knowing exactly what your X factor is, will not only help build your confidence in speaking about yourself, your brand or business but by creating a video profile that also includes information like your website social links, for people that wanted to find additional information from you. A video can exponentially grow discovery for new clients at a great speed. Capturing your recommendations, referrals or testimonials visually can also help you whether it’s in your personal career or people getting to know your brand or service, even faster if the video is coupled with a personal referral.

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I know this personally because in the past few years we’ve worked with dozens of brands to find the perfect influencers for their ad campaigns, helped small businesses like restaurants or personal trainers win new clients. We’ve helped live events, festivals and media companies like TV/radio programs find the right artists for their shows, helped non-profits raise additional money for the organizations, while also helping individuals get hired after inspiring them to create & share a video profile on We are excited with every new discovery or connection that takes place because of a video profile and that’s why it’s our personal passion to get people to understand the value and the importance of one.

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Personally in my own career, a video profile has helped me tremendously and is part of what inspired me to create the company with my founding partners. A few years ago, Lift Off Pictures asked me to create a video profile of my career history after spending close to a decade in artist relations and integrated marketing at I was reluctant to do it at first because I don’t really share my own personal story, I like to interview and share other people’s stories, I am glad that I did. First, it gave me a chance to reflect on past successes and recognize that your career path is an ongoing life journey that I promote to the youth like college students who are just finding their way that I didn’t necessarily know growing up starting out here as a college radio DJ at Mt. Sac. I thought your career meant only one job or one destination and it felt challenging at times when I didn’t get that exact job or felt behind because I thought it was a competition or a race, which it isn’t.

Secondly I was able to utilize the video profile to solidify working with other companies like television networks that I’ve always wanted to work with because they were able to see quickly a video of my past work experience. Most importantly, by helping individuals, brands and businesses create their own video profiles we’ve been able to witness first-hand the benefits of sharing one.

I know it’s a little crazy to think that almost every individual and every brand/business will have their own video profile in the near future, but I think back to 2004 when we were pitching start up to artists and users. At the time, we were the first global social network before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. and it was extremely challenging at first to get people to understand the benefits of having an online profile – for themselves for purposes outside of dating. Helping to market the new company at the time, people didn’t exactly understand WHY I was trying to get them to create an online profile and were very reluctant to do it at first until seeing how it benefited thousands of people from artists to graphic designers. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s now the norm. It’s actually NOT normal now to NOT have an online profile on one of the social platforms.

It’s time to be ahead of the curve and reap the benefits even if it starts with just sharing the video profile with personal family, friends, existing & potential new clients in your local area and seeing how it can help you.

We’ve made it easy to upload and share your video profile at by showing your off your unique skills/past experience or USP/client testimonials and email for additional tips.

Watch my personal video profile below that helped inspire the creation of our company mydiveo, that was recently acquired by Engage:BDR for $7.4 million and is now the largest network of video profiles in the world, featured in Forbes.


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