FLYING LOTUS To Stream NEW album “You’re Dead” Via Odd Future Station On DASH Radio Later Today

According to Hip Hop Wired:
written by Trent Clark

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Flying Lotus isn’t letting up on the throttle after unveiling his fantastic “Never Catch Me” video with Kendrick Lamar.

When fans have a fevered interest in the music, it’s best to keep them happy. And that’s exactly what the multifaceted artist is doing for his You’re Dead album by streaming it exclusively on DASH Radio’s Odd Future station today at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PT.

“My perspective comes from having lost a lot of people. A lot of my family members passed, but a lot of my colleagues passed away too soon,” Flying Lotus says via press release. “I felt like in my own experiences, I wanted them to have this same sense of self.

The album’s creation is just as meticulously unique as the artist himself. Each instrument was recorded individually and fused together with traditional techniques from older jazz and psychedelic rock records. As for the eerily titled LP, Flying Lotus revealed it’s deeper than a six feet grave.

“The album isn’t about the end,” he continues. “It’s really the beginning. It’s the beginning of a new experience.” It’s not ‘hey you’re dead,’ ” he says somberly. “It’s hey you’re dead!” he says with an uptick of enthusiasm. “To me it’s a celebration of the next experience. Also, it’s the transition and the confusion,” he adds.

Fans can also expect to hear Snoop Dogg, Captain Murphy and bassist Thundercat mashing it up across the groovy sound beds.

Download the DASH Radio app here to listen to the Flying Lotus You’re Dead stream and you can also pre-order the album on iTunes. To learn more about what makes DASH Radio different, click here.

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