IG Repost @jazminsisters in @neoclassics gear. p.s. #neoclassics creator Richard Bao went to #Walnut High School. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork #jazminsisters #brandXnetworks (at instagram.com/jazminsisters)

sister @chryscruz shows me the aftermath of her room post #earthquake @jodyhighroller #RiFFRaFF masterpiece is okay, Jody- you & #jodyhusky can now sleep in peace tonight. #walnut (at Walnut, CA)

.@kanyewest released #collegedropout 10 years ago today & 5 years ago joined T.I. on stage at his @myspace #keyclub release show to perform #swaggalikeus that #kanyewest produced for @troubleman31 & #jayz – room full of #walnut to witness. 😊 #mondaymemories watch the video on thirdfloornetwork.com πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Kanye West Monday Memories)

(VIDEO) @djvice x @iammiketaylor LIVE on @thirdfloorradio @skee247 w/@roslynn & @renelithekidd @skeeTV

DJ Vice & Third Floor Radio host Roslynn reminisce of their old days promoting underground hip hop clubs together. Vice discusses his humble beginnings as an early high school, wedding and local club DJ in Eagle Rock, becoming one of the top Power 106 radio mixers, traveling to 33 countries across the world and his latest production with Linkin Park and new single with Mike Taylor. Mike discusses growing up in West Philly surrounded by music, his eclectic ear and gaining stamps on his passport in countries like Nicaragua and Hawaii touring with Vice.

Video ends with Mike Taylor LIVE performance of “WIOP (World Is Our Playground)”
Mike shows off his chops in this special live performance which includes a special exclusive “Walnut” x “Eagle Rock” version.
Listen to the full interview HERE.

Shot by: Jason Spence

Edited by: Sean Kachenmeister

Third Floor Radio Wednesdays on Skee247


#DJVice @djvice @skamartist @myspace #artistoftheday @power106la alumni -the word proud is an understatement for this globetrotting DJ that inspired me to start promoting from our early #dugout #poloclub @thirdfloorradio colab w/ DJ #Vice nights. How many underground hip hop acts did you see live there? πŸ˜‚ 33+ countries traveled as a headlining DJ & now producing for #linkinpark & @iammiketaylor the world is his playground figuratively & literally. #threesup #skamartist #willywonka #eaglerock #walnutπŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at myspace.com/djvice)

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