#TBT my first real job at #theathletesfoot as a “foot technician” at the #westcovinamall across from #lids and under #mrrags – It was a requirement to measure everyone’s crazy feet & b/c we had a lifetime warranty on socks people brought in bags of nasty old ones. 😣 But! Playing #yoMTVraps all day inspired me to create #thirdfloorradio the next year. And I will forever love Cinnabon & Sbarro. Time Flies! #walnuthighschool (at TBT – Throwback Thursday)

The Oral History of Rawkus Records: Throwback Thursday

So happy that this piece finally came to light, I know firsthand there was alot of hard work in writer Phillip Miynar pulling together and thank Talib Kweli especially for his important input, don’t see how it could have been written without you. After A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, De La Soul and The Pharcyde, Rawkus Records was responsible for the inspiration to creating Third Floor Radio to showcase records like “Fortified Live,” “Universal Magentic,” “Body Rock,” “1999” and “Get By” that I would travel all the way to record stores like Fat Beats to play on air or during lunch at Walnut High School. I remember visiting their NYC offices and leaving with the infamous “Rawkus” vinyl DJ bag that I still haven’t gotten myself to throw away because I wore it almost everyday. I know you probably still have yours too! 😉

Takes awhile to read through the article but take the time and you’ll be happy you did. You’ll learn about new beginnings like Def Jux by El P, how they came to work with artists like Big L., Pharoahe alongside misses the label had in not signing Kanye, Common or Eminem as well as the record that never saw the light of day by rapper Pitbull. I’ll never forget meeting Eminem in the House of Blues Sunset hallway after he killed it on stage at the Lyricist Lounge when it came to LA not knowing what his future would hold.

Reading this just made my pull out the old Soundbombing tapes and VHS cassettes of the Lyricist Lounge on this Throwback Thursday. Join me with your Threes Up! and read the “Oral History of Rawkus Records HERE.”

#throwbackthursday in @billboard mag w/ @fareastmovement @BOBatl & @djwonderpics coincidentally on the same page as @djskee & @skylargrey – a year later we brought #thirdfloorradio back on @SKEE247 after a 7yr. hiatus and that was a year ago. Time flies! Thanks to the hardworking #SKEE247 team for a fun year of 52+ radio shows. Lots more fun to come! I love you guys! You are beyond fam. #itsouranniversary 🙂 👌#thirdfloornetwork #TBT (at SKEE Throwback Thursday)

Nevermind my #Christmas presents, there was a basketball game on! #Cobarrubias midnight Christmas at @05kellyb10 w/ sisters @rheezamc @rachellemarrie and Dad with his stunna shades. #bowlhaircuts #albafamily #TBT #throwbackthursday (at Throwback Thursday )

#TBT yesterday 😊@kingvay playing w/ @faithevans & @1500ornothin rockin @neoclassics @HOBsunset when #Vegas meets #Walnut #Neoclassics #KingVay 👌#thirdfloornetwork (at House of Blues Sunset)

#throwbackthursday the first #myspacemusic business card. If you still have 1 of these @myspace cards from one of us in good condition, they are worth money like my #KevinJohnson signed rookie card. 😂 #TBT #littlebrowngirl 😊👌#threesup #myspace (at Throwback Thursday )

Ps. How many of you have a picture like this#ThrowbackThursday Earl @ebjohnson1 x @myspaceTom of @myspace – loved how no matter big the artist or celebrity, they wanted their picture, w/ #TomOfMyspace even those at the office (you can tell by the guy trying to photobomb in the back. 😉 We used to call Earl the Black version of #Tom. Two of the most awesome people in the building & in life. 😂 how many of you have this same picture??? This was your profile picture if you had one that replaced your mirror selfie for the month. 😉 #TBT #NoFilter (at TBT @myspace Beverly Hills, CA)

#ThrowbackThursday Where were you when you first heard #TheChronic by @drdre #Doggystyle by @snoopdogg or #CaliforniaLove by #2Pac ?Part 4/8: 1992-1995 #CannonBallin on @myspace breaking down every song #DrDre produced, wrote, rapped or even just scratched on. #TheNextEpisode #TBT (at myspace.com/discover/featured)