(VIDEO) Hanging with Soulja Boy at CES 2014

Randomly ran into Soulja Boy at the Cribo studio of Mally Mall, haven’t seen him since our Hawaii show a few years ago that he filmed his LIVE DVD at.
Had to take advantage of his time in Vegas to do some press with You Tube’s What’s Trending Show, Revolt TV and Hip Hop Wired. I’m a fan of his new song ft. Drake called “We Made It.” Kyle Massey taught me the chorus so I can sing along “My resolution for New Year’s is Ninjas we made it!” =)

Soulja Boy CES Takeover with Epic Nights (Hip Hop Wired Exclusive)

Soulja Boy at the Samsung Booth for You Tube’s What’s Trending hosted by Shira Lazar

Soulja Boy and Andreas Hale speaking to Amrit Singh of Revolt TV at CES 2014


Soulja Boy surfing in Hawaii:

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@souljaboysodmg @souljaboy isn’t lying when he said he has #StacksOnDeck – #gsdcrew trying to steal his fortunes. πŸ˜‰ @thatsmandi – thanx @hidefphotos for the awesome photo! #souljaboy #souljaboytellem (at Myspace – Beverly Hills, CA)