IG Repost @jazminsisters in @neoclassics gear. p.s. #neoclassics creator Richard Bao went to #Walnut High School. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork #jazminsisters #brandXnetworks (at instagram.com/jazminsisters)

Jazmin Sisters & DJ Hed on Third Floor Radio

Jazmin Sisters and DJ Hed LIVE on Third Floor Radio on Skee247


Astronautica Mix


DJ Reneli Mix


Jazmin Sisters Mini Mix


Jazmin Sisters Interview

The jazmin Sisters explain their humble beginnings not being able to listen to mainstream radio while growing up, their supportive parents, getting to do what they love and the making of their 90s Baby EP witht the Midi Mafia.


“You” performed LIVE by Jazmin Sisters


DJ Reneli Mini Mix


Bruce Wayne of the Midi Mafia speaks on the Jazmin Sisters


DJ Hed Mix


DJ Hed Interview

Hed explains the meaning behind his DCS brand “Doing Cool Shit,” why he doesn’t hand with DJ Base and more.

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Third Floor Radio Wednesdays on Skee247






#WCW @yesiortiz @power106la music director & daily host looking beautiful in custom #LAHHLA jacket I made to congratulate her on her recent casting. Make sure to watch her soon on #VH1 #loveandhiphopLA ,listen to her on @power_106 , follow her #yesiortiz & thank me later. ☺️#power106 #newat2 #brandxnetworks πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at WCW – Woman Crush Wednesdays)

#savethedate @snapback_la 1 yr. ann. hosted by @thirdfloorradio w/ @jazminsisters performing 2/6. For all of us that miss & love hip hop and R&B from the 90s it will be a free fun family affair w/ your #threesup hosted by @treklife 😊 #brandxnetworks @almostfamousdjs #thirdfloorradio @skee247πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Federal Bar – NoHo, CA)

.@snapback_LA 1 Year Ann. hosted by @thirdfloorradio – @jazminsisters LIVE on stage. FREE 2.6.13 @brandxnetworks @renelithekidd @djbstang @djeverede @djstubbs13

How excited am I about this? If you’ve never been to SnapbackLA and love 90s hip hop and R&B as much as we do at Third Floor Radio & Skee247, you have to join us for this great event with the awesome DJs B-Stang, EverEdE & Stubbs. A special guest DJ set by our very own Third Floor Radio DJ Reneli, legendary DJ Icy Ice (Beat Junkies) and hosted by Trek Life & yours truly.

My new sisters from another mister – the JAZMIN SISTERS will be performing their radio hit “You” and “PYT” from their “90s Baby” EP produced by the Midi Mafia, you can download the EP for FREE HERE. Read more about the girls in their Myspace “Artist of the Day” interview HERE as well. Come party with us for FREE music, fun and entry with the Snapback, Third Floor Radio & Brand X Networks crews!

#WCW #LizzyJeff @lizzy_jeff of @allwestevrythng allwesteverything.com writer, poet, host, #HamptonUniversity graduate & so much more. Can foresee a great future for this talented lady… Follow her & thank me later. 😊 @allwesteverything #brandxnetworks @BBCicecream πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Mac Miller HOB Sunset Show)

Fly on the wall at @brandxnetworks @yesiortiz of @power106la shoot I’m a #newat2 on #power106 #topfan 😊 Such an amazing lady that has a lot in store coming soon πŸ™‚ πŸ‘Œ#threesup to #yesiortiz #brandXnetworks @youngcalifornia #youngcalifornia #thirdfloornetwork (at Brand X Networks Office)

Fly on the wall at @brandxnetworks @yesiortiz of @power106la shoot w/ #newat2 #topfan Such an amazing lady that has a lot in store coming soon πŸ™‚ πŸ‘Œ#threesup to #yesiortiz #brandXnetworks @youngcalifornia #youngcalifornia #thirdfloornetwork (at Brand X Network Office)