Monday Memories: Kendrick Lamar performs “Hiii Power” LIVE on “What’s Trending”

We all know he deserved at least one Grammy last night, but the positive spirit of this young rapper and his amazing team behind him will lead him to many more successes soon to come.

Even at this first livestreamed performance of “Hiii Power” we sensed a global star was born. Kudos to the #TDE team for an amazing year. Can’t wait to see what the sophomore album has in store for us.

Important quotes from this interview:

“Keep pushing, keep doing the music you are doing and never let anyone nobody ruin your creative space.”

and from the song:

“And everything on TV just a figment of imagination”

Keep putting your three fingers in they sky… #ThreesUp

p.s. Ever wondered who is someone #Kendrick has always wanted to meet? Find out here.

If you missed Kendrick x Imagine Dragons amazing performance of “Mad City” x “Radioactive” remix – watch it below:

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