#AskRos Mental Health & Anxiety Questions With Cristal Ortiz (YoungLosAngeles.com)

#AskRos “Did you have anxiety in your early 20s? I’m 20 & really anxious about the future.” asks @yeltss__

“Thank you for your question. I had my first anxiety attack when I was 28, late at night after going to Kanye & E-40 listening sessions the night before I had to fly to Atlanta where we were going to give Drake the @myspace “Rookie of the Year” BET Hip Hop Award & produce a Lloyd Release Show. I was completely stressed, running around with barely any energy in my tank so mistakenly drank 5 red bulls in one night to stay awake! Up until that point, I had been working nonstop at my career since I was 19 years old. I didn’t have life balance, proper diet, exercise, meditation or courage to talk to someone & eventually my body started producing physical symptoms of weakness. B/C of the #flightorfight fear anxiety puts you in, there were times I couldn’t even sit in a company meeting, interview or do a presentation without feeling anxious & usually left the room. I sought help & now can properly deal with anxiety & spoke in detail of what others can potentially do as well in this video.

Thank you #ShortStoryLong contest winner @cristalll.o of younglosangeles.com for joining us, you’ll learn more about her soon in her @mydiveo profile that we shot. I love her energy, passion & mission to help people encounter mental health issues that she once faced. If you’re dealing with anxiety, know you aren’t alone, it’s ok to ask for help & do research of how you can turn the ‘fear’ into excitement & faith. She is a great mentor to speak to!” -Roslynn

Continue to submit your great questions via DM here or comments to Roslynn’s instagram @roslynnc.

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