(VIDEO) How To Know Your Life Purpose In 5 Minutes

After listening to Toure Roberts sermon about “Thinking The Highest Thought” this past Wednesday I spent time researching my inner purpose in life. I thought that I had defined it but for some reason I couldn’t find the exact words to say what it was when explaining to someone else. I found the video below and answered the questions. I think I’m one step closer to being confident in expressing and moving toward my purpose in life, and I hope you are too after watching this Ted talk and taking time to answer the questions for yourself. Now that I look at the answer he suggests, I realized everything I’ve pursued since day one in living my passion has been to unite with this purpose.

More excited then ever to have the universe and God help me continue to sharpen tools necessary for this purpose – whether through my companies like the Third Floor Network or mydiveo.com or just via a conversation with someone new.

My answers:

1. Who Are You? A: Roslynn Marie Alba Cobarrubias

2. What Do You Do? A: I’m a network marketer. I help people find and showcase their personal talents, ambitions and goals than utilize my personal network or teach them how to use their own network to “connect the dots” to advance their career or utilize and share those talents to live a more passionate life around their best capabilities.

3. Who Do You Do It For? A: Not only for artists and musicians, but music industry professionals, tastemakers, friends and family, basically anyone I meet because I feel I met them for a reason if they are genuine and talented, with the hope that they will pay it forward and do the same for someone else. Organically it’s those that love music are the ones I’m naturally closest to.

4 What Do They Want and Need? A: Recognition not only for their talent but their hard work or to be discovered, to feel passion in their lives and obviously to advance their careers.

5 How Do They Change As A Result and Transform? A: They feel more passionate, they know the steps to advance their career and most importantly feel a personal need to help others do the same for themselves.


Repeated with #5 in mind first. What DO you do? This is my LIFE PURPOSE:

I help people find, promote and market their natural and best talents to live a more passionate life, teaching them to share them, connect the dots to the right people who know how to utilize those talents and strive to advance their network or career with not only my, but their OWN best capabilities. To be the personification of a “confidence cheerleader.” 

Wow… Can’t believe I just defined what I will be doing for the rest of my life, no matter what company I work for or own or how much money I make, this is what will and has made me happy. =)

I hope you find yours too!

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Founded by Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias, 1587 is one of the dopest, global marketing agencies - with a passion in helping exponentially grow exposure for Filipino, Islander & Native Hawaiian producing talent, content and events.

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