“if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, try again.” – #aaliyah #100happydays Day12 Inspired by little Penelope, despite getting all the way near to the top & sliding all the way down to the bottom several times, she just laughed and kept trying again. With a little help, encouragement & trial/error she finally reached the top! Reminds me of trying to get up this #Monday morning hitting snooze a few times alongside a metaphor to keep striving to our goals. 😉 @sherylcali raised a good one. 😊 @albalegacy (at Case of the Mondays)

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TV Host/Producer, Speaker/Author & Entrepreneur. @mydiveo Co-Founder, @littlebgirls Founder. Living to connect the dots & creatively inspire one person at a time. For more follow on instagram: @roslynnc.

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