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Skeme, DJ Buddy & Hi Class Music Group On Third Floor Radio

Skeme, DJ Buddy & Hi Class Music Group on Third Floor Radio


DJ Buddy guest DJs playing a set that includes music from Mike Donatello and Branden Vader of the Hi Class Music Group from Chino Hills, CA


High Class Music Group Interview

The group discusses their inspirations to start rhyming, what it means to be “High Class” n& their upcoming projects and more.


DJ Jay-P Mini Mix


Skeme Mini Mix by DJ Jay-P

DJ Jay-P plays music from Skeme’s latest mixtape hosted by DJ Skee and DJ Base.


Skeme LIVE “Start to Finish”

Skeme performs the latest song from his new mixtape “Bare With Me” live in studio.


Skeme Interview

@roslynnc sits with Skeme to discuss growing up in Inglewood and being inspired to create music, traveling the “Ingle-World” and his new experiences as a father.


DJ Jay-P Closing Mix


Lizzie Wynn aka “Lizz da Shizz” “Lizzie the Intern” shares her unspoken word poem

“Only Human” produced by DJ Beatcrazed on her last day with us.

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High Class Music Group



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