(VIDEO) Learn How To Monetize Your Creativity Directly With Your Fans By RYAN LESLIE On Hot 97

Ryan Leslie sat down with Old Man Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez to discuss his Disruptive Media company helping artists monetize creativity starting with your most loyal supporters, fans and social following. The sensational headline reads, “Cassie got me paid & I still make more money than most artist!” but it was a much deeper conversation and real math in how he’s been able to sustain a high profile, affluent lifestyle as a globetrotting producer and artist. They were surprised at how the interview took a different turn and were pleasantly surprised in learning what he’s already taught 50 Cent and Talib Kweli.

At the end of the video, Ryan discusses his new single available on MZRT.com and gives away his phone number to anyone who wanted to join the social music #RenegadeNation revolution he’s helping to spearhead which includes knowledge of what’s under the hood of the music industry that once seemed to hard to digest for the everyday artist. Click HERE to read more about making money as an indie artist.

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Indie Artists Could Learn Alot From Ryan Leslie & His #RenegadeNation

Indie Artists Could Learn Alot From Ryan Leslie & His #RenegadeNation

So much to be said with what Ryan Leslie has created with his #RenegadeNation visual below- if you are an artist, take note while watching the video and learn more about how you can make REAL money i in the music industry HERE.

Also watch: “From Sofia With Love”

A concert film documenting the first rap concert performed at the National Opera in Sofia, Bulgaria – independently funded and realized by Ryan Leslie and members of his #Renegades Music Club.

Email him direct: ryan@renegadesnyc.com

Text him direct: +1-915-600-6978

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