WHO: Souls of Mischief, Adrian Younge, The Pharcyde, Venice Dawn and BLU + Exile. Hosted by: Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) & DJ sets by DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) & House Shoes
WHEN: Thursday, September 04, 2014
WHAT: Linear Labs and ArtDontSleep Present: THERE IS ONLY NOW

To celebrate the release of their collaborative Masterpiece Epic album, “There Is Only Now,” Bay area natives, the Souls Of Mischief from the Mighty Hieroglyphics crew celebrated in style with producer/musician Adrian Younge at the forefront in orchestrating yet another memorable ArtDon’tSleep event at the Mayan Theater in DTLA with partner Andrew Lojero. Hip Hop’s elite came not only to perform and host, but iconic producers like RZA of the WuTang Clan, rappers like Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest and Dinco D of the Leaders Of The New School were onsite to show support. Check out the flicks below shot mostly by Kay Coria of SKEE.TV & in house here at the Third Floor Network. Don’t miss the next ArtDontSleep event, visit their site HERE for more info that are some of the best in town, reminiscent of LA’s nostalgic Club Unity, started by Bigga B and Orlando showcasing an array of quality hip hop from the past, present and future.

The highlight of the evening? Nicknamed “A Tribe Called Cuteness” by A Tribe Called Quest co-founder Phife Dawg, the daughters of musician Adrian Younge and DJ Jayski take the stage performing one of Tribe’s classics “Buggin Out” as a surprise to him while hosting the “There Is Only Now” release event last night at the Mayan Theater. Ali Shaheed was on the turntables while Jarobi White helped the girls with their adlibs.

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Phife Of A Tribe Called Quest & DJ Rasta Root Third Floor Radio 2.12.14


DJ Rasta Root the “Rest of Dilla” Mix

DJ Rasta Root Interview
Roots takes us back to his early days as a college radio DJ meeting A Tribe Called Quest and now working with him, his Dilla influence and the secret behind the production of “Dear Dilla” for Phife.

“Dear Dilla” by Phife produced by DJ Rasta Root


Phife Interview

Phife Dawg speaks on meeting Jay Dilla via Amp Fiddler in Detroit, touring with the producer, his recent “Dear Dilla” open letter, and the analyst predicts the 2014 NBA Finals.


Astronautica Mix

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#DearDilla official music video by @iamthephifer produced by @djrastaroot – watch the amazing #jdilla video on listen to #Phife open letter to the producer over an amazingly produced beat using classic #dilla samples before tuning in to @thirdfloorradio to hear the interview of how #atribecalledquest met him, similar health awareness & how the song was produced, the predicted NBA Finals & much more. 9pm pst on @skee247 – 👌#threesup to my fave group of all time @ATCQ #koneerock #thirdfloornetwork #jdillamonth (at – Skee247)

#Phife @iamthephifer @ATCQ -#DearDilla @thirdfloorradio special on @skee247 tonight 9pm PST. Listen to the #restofDilla mix by @djrastaroot & _astronautica guest set. 👌#threesup to #jdilla #jdillamonth #thirdfloornetwork (at – Skee247)

Thank you #ATribeCalledQuest @ATCQ for making #MidnightMarauders 20 yrs ago. One of the best albums (not just hip hop) of all time that I bought on tape at #SamGoody & stayed on heavy rotation until today on @thirdfloorradio – @qtiptheabstract @iamthephifer @jarobiwhite #electricrelaxation #awardtour #lyricstogo #bobpower #qtip #phife #ATCQ & many more favorites discussed by #buckshot @doncanon @pharoahemonch @oldinglish @problem354 @heartbreaksuzy #Phonte @oddisee @jeanniegrigio #BlackMilk @hiatuskaiyote @spitta_andretti @logic301 @salaamremi @sabisoundz @RJD2 (at

#thirdfloorradio ep. 2: @iamthephifer of @ATCQ talks sports & @kobebryant @rhettmatic @beatjunkies mixes & discusses @jdilla and life before becoming a Junkie…

0:00-0:42 – Tribe mix x Phife (ATCQ) Sports Report x Interview

Phife of A Tribe Called Quest also known as “Phife the Analyst” calls into Third Floor Radio to discuss the 2013 Superbowl, NBA Finals and March Madness predictions alongside how he got into sports prior to rapping.

46:00-2:07 – Rhettmatic DJ set x Interview

DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies dropped a dope mix filled with Junkie exclusives, Tribe demos including “Scenario” originals ft. Drez of Black Sheep, De La Soul and manager Chris Lighty. In his personal interview, Rhett discusses his humbling early mobile DJ days & the late great J-Dilla.

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