10 Things We Learned about SKEE in The Red Pill (Have You Found Your Meaning?)

What you’ll learn from watching the video above:

1. 2006: SKEE launched the first daily YouTube content channel for music & culture of it’s kind when it first started (years before Google and post Myspace’s rise and need for a useful video tool/upload for artists/creatives).

2. 2008: Before Vevo, the SKEE TV team began to produce music videos specifically for the internet, pioneers in this promotional space that had record labels previously focusing on television only.

3. Daily and weekly SKEE can be heard on Sirius/XM “Hip Hop Nation” alongside KIIS FM 102.7FM and IHeartRadio.

4. After turning 30, he realized his new focus is on challenging existing business models that used to be gated off by a select few & empowering others through spotlight.

5. Mark Cuban calls SKEE the “Oprah” of our culture publicly alongside HERE on Jay Leno, that’s why he gave him the weekly SKEELIVE music program on his AXS TV Network.

6. SKEE was the first to play artists like Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga on the radio when not many believed in them or their unique sound.

7. He is previously guilty of not having a true defining statement or plan and trying to incorporate what others into what they were doing, even when it wasn’t right.

8. SKEELIVE fans helped him find his true voice.

9. “The Red Pill” is known to fans of the TV show as one of their favorite segments of the series, which became the defining moment not only for the show, but the entire SKEE brand.

10. He wants you to not only enjoy the best performances & interviews from today’s top artists, but walk away motivated to break barriers that featured artists alongside himself have in their own lives. If they can do it, YOU can too! SKEELIVE is not for gossip and juicy news, but the unfiltered truth & stories of empowerment from the leaders of THIS generation…

Have you found YOUR meaning? We all inspire daily to find ours, and hope the video above motivates you to as well!

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