SHOW ME: SSMF MURS 3:16 Stage Day 1 At Sunset Stip Music Festival LIVE On Dash Radio 9.20.2014 (PHOTOS)

Dash Radio was on site for their very first festival livestream at the first hip hop stage that the Sunset Strip Music Festival has ever had, curated by indie hip hop icon Murs. Toni Monroe, TayF3rd, Zion I and Joey Fatts warmed up the crowd in the already heated crowd (by the Cali sun.) Highlights included POS performing in the middle of the crowd, Mod Sun from Minnesota performing for the first time in LA after recently moving here and winning over the crowd with his amazing energy. Shout out to Propoganda giving props not only to West Covina, but the historic Project Blowed and DJ Hed keeping the bodies moving in between sets. Climax of the night belongs to headliners Dizzy Wright with his live band, Riff Raff getting braided while performing and Houston’s Bun B of UGK who had everyone leaving feeling like International Players rapping to their anthem. Looking forward to seeing the increase in hip hop to the annual festival on the infamous Sunset Strip.

Not in LA? Don’t worry, catch ALL performances on the #IndependentGrind station on the all new Dash Radio FREE streaming APP or online at

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Jazmin Sisters & DJ Hed on Third Floor Radio

Jazmin Sisters and DJ Hed LIVE on Third Floor Radio on Skee247


Astronautica Mix


DJ Reneli Mix


Jazmin Sisters Mini Mix


Jazmin Sisters Interview

The jazmin Sisters explain their humble beginnings not being able to listen to mainstream radio while growing up, their supportive parents, getting to do what they love and the making of their 90s Baby EP witht the Midi Mafia.


“You” performed LIVE by Jazmin Sisters


DJ Reneli Mini Mix


Bruce Wayne of the Midi Mafia speaks on the Jazmin Sisters


DJ Hed Mix


DJ Hed Interview

Hed explains the meaning behind his DCS brand “Doing Cool Shit,” why he doesn’t hand with DJ Base and more.

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Third Floor Radio Wednesdays on Skee247





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