Elliott Wilson Talks to DJ Skee – “Live From L.A.” on Hip-Hop Nation

Elliott Wilson Talks to DJ Skee

“Live From L.A.” on Hip-Hop Nation

From one great interviewer to another, DJ Skee talks to Elliott Wilson at the Skeelodge on his Hip Hop Nation weekly radio show on his past, present and future. EW discusses his humble beginnings pretending to be a DJ who wasn’t allowed to buy white label records, early days as the XXL magazine editor, XXL vs. The Source pound for pound, starting Ego Trip, Rap Radar, challenges in booking his memorable #CRWN video interview series, new “Hardcover” project with his wife Danyel Smith Elliott, former Billboard/VIBE editor, working with Jay-Z and much more.

I remember visiting Elliott Wilson’s Myspace pages daily in the late 2000’s, inviting him to every NYC Myspace show we had, hoping he’d come so we could impress him with the showmanship of the live event. Proud of how far he has come, continuously evolving his brand and the artists around him. A great interview to listen to in it’s entirety as an upcoming journalist, DJ, artist or everyday hip hop fan.

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