808 bound & Moms tops everyone’s airport swag. @karencivil #livecivil #nopastnofuture keeping me warm. #shepackedHamsandwiches πŸ˜‚ #albafamily #hawaiianThanksgiving πŸ‘Œ#threesup ✈️ #honolulu – thanks for the ride sistercat see you soon! #ninangChrys @chryscruz – hope I see @thelylas 😊 (at LAX to HNL)

Congrats to @puigyasiel & the #Dodgers looking fly here in #JhoannaAlba @albalegacy designed by @desireeamagno #albafamily #yasielpuig – feels good to be in the OC on a Monday. We should have more weeks at the Irvine office. πŸ˜‰ (at The Cave – Placentia, CA)

#RussellWestbrook @russwest44 in #ALBA at the #TeenChoiceAwards – a custom designed outfit by him & cousin #JhoannaAlba – not all can rock this and get away with it. πŸ˜‰ Follow @ALBAlegacy to see more of the action behind these fashion forward men. πŸ‘Œ#threesup #albafamily (at Teen Choice Awards 2014)

God sent us a group text this morning, in case you didn’t get the memo he had a message for you reading this to the left. p.s. Happy birthday to my favorite niece in the whole world @marlee20 you complete my string dance, you finish my jokes even adults don’t understand & have a bigger […]