Angie Martinez – THE TRUTH With Elliott Wilson

Might be biased but this was my favorite episode of “The Truth” on Life and Times, from one professional interviewer, Elliott Wilson to radio personality Angie Martinez. Very inspiring in any field of work you may be in. Many of us that have been very loyal to a single company that we’ve not only help kick off the ground but received reciprocated growth with for many years have a challenging experience of deciding when it’s time to move on because the ceiling has been capped for personal growth. For everyone that watches, hope that it encourages you as well to not limit yourself to your comfort zones whether it be based on fear of failure or fear of success because in reality, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. As long as your relationships, dignity and respect stay in tact, everyone can understand a need for a “Re-Start” and potentially be inspired to re-ignite their own opportunities and career. I know I was. 😉

p.s. Elliott discusses when he can be a “dick” sometimes. Classic.

QUINCY & CHRIS BROWN Celebrity Kick Ball Game 7.20.14

DJ Beatcrazed and Marina Moreno from our Third Floor Network team were onsite to help Matt Mrok produce the Celebrity Kick Ball Game hosted by team captains singer/actor Quincy and Chris Brown. Onsite were several artists and celebrities kicking it (figuratively and literally) for a great cause including but not limited to Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo, The Game, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Floyd Mayweather, Paris Hilton, Christina Milian, Karrueche, Amber Rose, Kevin McCall, DJ Khaled and many more.

Can’t wait for the next event that raised alot of money for both Quincy’s charity of choice “Best Buddies” and Chris Brown’s “Symphonic Love.”

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Throwback Thursday: All Star TV Commercial Cast

This was fun. Our team casted this 2013 TV commercial that ran during the NBA Finals as well on various TV/digital networks last summer. Amazed to see how much the careers of alot of these artists have grown in just a year.

Commercial features Iggy Azalea, Pharrell, Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, Charli XCX, Schoolboy Q, Hit-Boy, Trash Talk, DIIV, Sky Ferreira, Terry Kennedy, Riff Raff and many more. What a difference a year makes! Can’t wait to see what’s to come this year… 😉