.@blogxilla of @globalgrind x @itsmetc15 of @hiphopwired discussing the importance of the #RunDMC self entitled album 30 years later on @revolttv #revoltlive #threesup to #jammasterjay #reverendRun #DMC 5pm PST rebroadcast. πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Revolt TV Live)

Life before & after Myspace. What is the Third Floor Network?

At speaking engagements, events & concerts students & friends ask me these 3 questions the most:

1. What did you do before you worked at Myspace?

2. How was it like working there for close to 10 years through it’s various stages?

3. What are you doing now that you’re not there. What is the Third Floor Network?

Thanks to Lift Off Pictures for the below interview, I can have them watch the below for the answers so we can skip the questions and get right to laughing, dancing or playing a game of connect the dots together. Nothing makes me happier than introducing two amazing people that come together and make more amazingess that amplify awareness, collaborations and even some cases monetization for both parties. Hopefully just a drop in the bucket of what’s to come… #thirdfloornetwork

.@MYXTV general manager & former #MTVAsia head of production/producer @sanmig525 #miguelsantos showing me the #MYXTV app available on all #Samsung SmartTVs. I think I need to join 2014 & get a smart TV. Do you like yours if you have one? LMK thoughts. 😊 πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at MYXTV / ABS-CBN Office )

Fun day speaking at #LMU for the #FilipinoAmerican experience night w/ #GeneCajayon (The Debut filmmaker), #JosephPimentel (OC Register/TFC/AsianJournal), #WinstonEmano (Linsanity/FPAC & a million other things), #GeorginaTolentino (Victoria Manalo Draves biopic) & #loyolamarymountuniversity Professor #FloranteIbanez – #filipinos in media.πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at LMU – University Hall)

Seeing this in the #LMU auditorium makes me miss college. Laughing at how tough we thought life was back then and we were just getting started. I wish #springbreak existed in “real life.” 😊#LoyolaMarymountUniversity πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at LMU – University Hall)

Listening to these two @SKEE lovebirds talk about meeting for the first time and taking a second to like each other. @dj_base @_tony_ayo 😊#bubblevests πŸ˜‚ #SKEE247 #SKEETV πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine)