Operation Osette Twitch DJ Fundraising Raid for Philippines Typhoon Relief

Tune in 12/28 & 12/29 11A-11P PDT with MYX. To donate, visit www.myx.global/afi & watch the stream on the channels below, hosted by Franboogie.

Donations can be made here on Tiltify to ABS-CBN Foundation International to provide food, water, shelter, health packs & more to the victims in various areas of the Philippines in need.

12/28 Tuesday
11A @milesmedina | twitch.tv/milesmedina
12P @djumami | twitch.tv/djumami
1P @genehov | twitch.tv/genehov
2P @djremark | twitch.tv/djremark
3P @realdjyoshi | twitch.tv/realdjyoshi
4P @frandalaybay | twitch.tv/djfranzen
5P @shortkut | twitch.tv/shortkut
6P @heavyrotationfm | twitch.tv/myxglobal
7P @nicoakablitz | twitch.tv/nicoakablitz
8P @jaynerio | twitch.tv/jaynerio
9P @djshowtime | twitch.tv/djshowtime
10P @djphlipz | twitch.tv/djphlipz

12/29 Wednesday
11A @djraydomingo | twitch.tv/djraydomingo
12P @dj.miamor | twitch.tv/djmiamor
1P @aemvibez | twitch.tv/inkfat
2P @zhaldee | twitch.tv/zhaldee
3P @djchrispalacio | twitch.tv/djchrispalacio
4P @iama_ron | twitch.tv/iama_ron
5P @DJ.FBM | twitch.tv/djfbm
6P @hedspin | twitch.tv/djhedspin
7P @djneilarmstrong | twitch.tv/djneilarmstrong
8P @djeman | twitch.tv/djeman
9P @cutso | twitch.tv/cuttycutso
10P @djekspoe | twitch.tv/djekspoe
11P @thisisrcade | twitch.tv/rcade

#HELP4PH #OdettePH

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